Hospital Pharmacy

Peer Review Mentoring Program for Students and Residents

Purpose of the program

The Hospital Pharmacy Peer Review Training Program is designed to offer practical experience for pharmacy students/residents in the peer review process under the guidance of a selected mentor. Peer review remains a fundamental component of ensuring quality in professional publications. The task of a peer reviewer is to critically evaluate the content and structure of a manuscript and make constructive comments (both general and specific) for improvement. Individuals who participate in the peer review process offer a valuable service and promote critical thinking. Being a peer reviewer is both a privilege of and a responsibility to the publication process and the profession.

How to Participate

Students and residents are encouraged to participate in this program by registering on our online manuscript system (click here). When registering remember to select the box indicating that you are a Student/Resident Reviewer and want to participate in this new program.

Each student/resident should have an onsite mentor who can be available for discussion regarding the peer review process. Mentors may sponsor more than one student/resident at a time. In fact, the program encourages group discussions and learning experiences regarding the peer review process. Selected readings and additional resources are provided below.

Once the student/resident has registered and provided contact information regarding her/his mentor, a manuscript selected for training purposes will be e-mailed to the participant. The review should be submitted within 3 to 6 weeks after receipt of the manuscript. The mentor and student/resident are encouraged to discuss the completed review prior to submission. After receipt of the review, the Hospital Pharmacy Peer Review Program will provide feedback regarding the review and share other reviewer comments regarding the same manuscript. As there are several types of manuscripts available for training purposes, a student/resident may participate in the process more than once.

We look forward to your participation.

Joyce A. Generali, RPh, MS, FASHP

Selected Readings for Peer Reviewers (July 2010 Editorial)
• Tips for Presenting Data in Graphs and Tables (coming soon)
• Tips/Instructions for Writing A Review for Hospital Pharmacy (coming soon)